Guest Lectures

Sr. No. Topic Date Keynote Speaker Designation Organisation
1 Webinar on “Introduction to the cloud base Technology Salesforce” 27/Sep/2020 Mr. Rajesh and Ms. Vandana Roy Salesforce Developer Ways2Salesforce
2 Challenges and Opportunities for young engineers in space science and technology 29/Sep/2020 Sh. Anil C. Mathur Group Director (Retd.) Space applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad
3 Industry 4.0 28/Oct/2020 Prof (Dr.) Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay Director HCST, Mathura
4 ANSYS 23/Nov/2020 Mr. Mainak Uprety CEO Aptron Noida
5 Python Programming, Full Stack Web Development 22/Jan/2021 Ms. Jyoti OK Google Developer Perfect Plan B
Mr. Ishan Sharma Founder & Director
6 How to make a resume suitable for placement 13/Feb/2021 Mr. Neel Panickeron Chief Knowledge Expert T.I.M.E Education
7 Personal Hygiene and Nutrition for Women 16/Feb/2021 Bijy K Babu Nutrition Faculty VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition
8 Practical Structural Design 22/Feb/2021 Ragothaman.S Managing Director Gururayar Associates
9 Happiness & Stress Management 12/Mar/2021 Tarun Sharma Founder The Rising (NGO) Tamso Maa Jyotirgamayaa
10 Data Science/ Machine Learning 24/Mar/2021 Mr.Manish Kumar General Manager KVCH-ORACLE WDP, Noida
11 An Online session on: 3D Printing 11/May/2021 Sh. Ravi Patil National Manager Technical Additive Manufacting Design Tech System Ltd.
12 An Online session on Deep learning with MATLAB 14/May/2021 Akhilesh Kumar Assistant Manager Application Engineer, Design Tech System Pvt.Ltd.
13 Holistic healthcare during pandemic 2/Jun/2021 Archana Khera Homoeopathic Consultant Divine Homoeopathic Clinic
14 Online Technical session on Python 7/Jun/2021 Mr. Rajinder Kr. Chitoria Data Scientist Froyo Technologies
15  An expert lecture on Data Center Systems & Facilities 18/Jun/2021 Paramdeep Singh Project Manager Almoayed Group, Bahrain


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