Quality Assurance Cell

Quality Assurance

The term quality comes from a latin word ‘qualis’ meaning ‘ what kind of’ and is defined as “ the totality of characteristics and features a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”.

Quality has few central ideas around which whole concept revolve: Quality as absolute, Quality as relative, quality as product, Quality as culture.

When we consider quality as absolute it is the highest possible standard. Educational institutions like Cambridge, Oxford, and Stanford have this absolute quality standard; though, in case of education it might still be perceptual. Quality as relative suggests that quality of a product or service can be described in relative terms. Quality as a process suggests that in order to achieve quality of a product or service; it must undergo certain processes and conform to procedural requirements. Thus, quality is the outcome of systems and procedures laid down for this purpose. The last one – quality as a culture – recognizes the importance of the organizational view of quality as process of transformation, where each entity is concerned and acknowledges the importance of quality.

In RIET, we are particularly concerned with the latter, though all other ideas of quality too have their respective place. Our Quality assurance cell accords a high evaluation of the educative process, and ensures that students’ educational development takes place and they achieve particular objective set for the course, but in doing so, they have also fulfilled the general educational aims of autonomy of the ability to participate in reasoned discourse, of critical self evaluation, and of coming to a proper awareness of the ultimate contingency of all thought and action.

At the other end of the continuum is the consideration of quality as excellence. Excellence is a performance stage of exclusiveness that is distinctive from many others and stand out as demonstration of ‘zero defect’ and highest level of satisfaction of the stakeholders.

At RIET, our objective is to achieve the ‘Standard’ and move towards ‘excellence’.

To ensure above stated motto an academic calendar is drawn in advance for each semester and communicated to the students, parents, faculties & all other stakeholders. Lesson plans are framed for each subject by the concerned faculties and classes are conducted strictly as per the schedule. To keep check on the quality, as also with an aim to improve in future, a Performa “Quality Description Form” is filled by the faculty for each class conducted. Besides reporting on the conduct of class this form enables the faculty to review his/ her performance for future improvement. Course progress during the semester is closely monitored on regular basis and corrective measures, like extra coaching adopted as per requirement. Thus a close check on both qualitative and quantitative aspects is maintained. Some of the other measures adopted to maintain high quality are as under:

(a) Continuous assessment through class tests and assignments.
(b) Critical analysis of the results and adopting corrective measures.
(c) Regular counseling.
(d) Faculty Development Programs are undertaken during each semester break.
(e) Feedback of the faculty given by the students is another indicator of performance, quality and student satisfaction.
(f) Encouraging pursuing higher education by the faculty.
(g) Emphasis on research and development.
(h) Participation and conduct of seminars and workshops.

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