Students Club

Students Clubs

Cultural club

Cultural activities form an integral part of our curriculum. The institute offers excellent, wide-range of opportunities to its students to participate in cultural, literary, and non-literary activities like music, dance, skit, poetry, elocution – Hindi, English etc. It not only exemplifies the zeal of the students towards the non-traditional facet of education but also keeps them in sound mind and sound body. Throughout the year, the institute organizes many different programs for the students which channelize their youthful energies towards creativity and self-development.

Personality Development Club

Personality Development Club unlocks the full potential of our students. Aim of this club is to help the students develop their personal skills; uplift their mind set to meet the professional requirements and improve their career prospects. It equips the students to tread the untraded path with dedicated discipline and internal motivation. The institute has well equipped Language Laboratory to facilitate their spoken communication. It also provides various modules to enhance and improve their communication skills, debating skills, discussion skills, interview skills, and business etiquettes to prepare them to adopt themselves with grace and dignity in various corporate sectors.

Corporate Interface Club

The Corporate interface club of RIET provides exchange of knowledge, sharing of experience, networking among the executives, and managers. The club acts as a bridge between the industries & institute and its focus is to encourage its members & the next generation to groom them by facilitating industrial exposure where they can practically apply the theoretical concepts they learn in the class room.

Social Science Club

Social science club provides a multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective on humanity, society and environment. The social science club provides opportunities for students to learn more about these disciplines. Events planned for the future academic years include presentation on research projects by students and faculty, open house and much more.

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