Director’s Message

Engineering and Technology education is going through continuous evolution. Today’s world is changing rapidly in terms of engineering & technology and the whole world witnessed this during pandemic that changed the way of thinking and working – so budding engineers/ technologists must be aligned towards recent developments and interdisciplinary applications in the field of engineering and technology. We at Rawal Institute of Engineering & Technology (RIET) are committed to bridge this gap between academia and industry by providing all facilities, faculty and forums. Studying at RIET is not limited to curriculum but goes beyond that and students are trained on state of the art software tools as per the latest technology and as per requirement of the industry. RIET provides quality technological and scientific education through practice based learning. I, as Director of RIET, commit to all stakeholders that we will keep doing hard work to achieve the stiff targets of academic excellence. I assure all that we are leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling our tagline “Rawal Institutions- Where success is the Culture”

Dr. Hambeer Singh

Director, RIET